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Dr DoOlittle's

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Dr Doolittle's original recipe

For decades, the proven tasty soft pastilles have been produced according to Dr. Doolittle's original English recipe at Domaco in Switzerland. The range of the popular pastilles has been expanded over many years and the recipes have been further developed and enhanced. For example, Domaco was the first company to offer a sugar-free version of the intense tasting Bbackcurrant pastille.

Domaco itself began in 1922, when Dr. med. Aufdermaur discovered the unique, beneficial effects of natural herbs. With self-made tablets, he successfully combats cough, hoarseness and bronchial catarrh of his patients.


Our production in Switzerland

Grüezi. Bonjour. Buongiorno. Allegra. We are at home in Switzerland, an idyllic country with numerous lakes, villages and high alpine peaks. A country known for its internationality, quality, economic stability, banking, watchmaking, pharmaceutical and confectionery industries. The unspoilt nature of the Alps provides us with a variety of valuable herbs that we use in our products.

We have been at home in Lengnau since 1982. The community with good transport connections to the largest transport axis in Switzerland is located about 20 minutes from Zurich and 5 minutes from the German border. It is home to about 3000 inhabitants and about 80 commercial and industrial enterprises. The community was founded more than 1200 years ago.

Our modern buildings were originally built in 1982, expanded for the first time in 1986 and supplemented in 1993 by the current high-bay warehouse and office building. In 2004, the buildings were optimized with the new production department for soft pastilles and confectioning lines and in 2018 a further expansion was carried out according to the latest pharmaceutical standards. In total we have more than 12000 m2 of production area for 7 production and 16 confectioning lines. The raw materials, auxiliary and finished materials are temporarily stored in the 4200 available pallet spaces before being used or delivered to the partners. Although we are the largest employer in the region, more than 120 employees come from within a radius of less than 10 kilometers.

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